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Our services for your commercial vehicles

You receive innovative control components from wilfatec according to your individual demands. These monitor and control the functional construction of your vehicle. Resulting from such simple processes, you remain competitive and minimise lead times.

In conjunction with the control components, we compile a detailed documentation of their functions upon request and offer training sessions for your staff in theory and practice. Additionally, we can install the new control components for you if needed.

Connecting intelligently

CAN bus allows a rapid data exchange between all components of your vehicle.


Remain competitive by using innovative technology and minimised lead times.

Automated processes

Your commercial vehicles will be easier and faster to handle by using automated, intelligent processes.

​Electric system design and system maintenance

Jointly we develop a control system fulfilling exactly your individual demands. Thereby, a modular construction of sensors, control, actuators and cable systems is essential: It guarantees a fast installation, the exchange of components and a future upgrade of the installed system.

System consulting and optimisation

We carefully examine your existing systems with regards to which points can be enhanced. Deriving from the potential optimisations, we create a tailored package, adjust already existing solutions where necessary, and integrate the innovations in your system and your operations.

Establishing plans

​In order to guarantee easy maintenance of the control system, we establish plans and a detailed documentation of all components installed. This comprises amongst others electric, hydraulic and pneumatic plans in SolidWorks suitable for the overall system.

Training sessions in theory and practice

If required, we train your staff theoretically and practically in handling the new control elements. Thus, we can dispel any fears that future system users might have regarding the unknown and corresponding errors. Also, this enables us to collect precious feedback at the same time in order to further enhance the system and adjust it to individual likings and needs.

​Prewired control cabinets

Save time and cash using wilfatec’s prewired control cabinets: These are ready for installation, can immediately be integrated into your system with little effort, and run within a short amount of time.

Delivery of electronic components

Receive all necessary electronic components for upgrading your commercial vehicles order-picked from us. This way, you reduce the time spent for installation and can be sure that all components are at hand. Upon request, we can carry out installing your control system.

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