​Commercial vehicle engineering 4.0

Connecting all components intelligently

Equip your commercial vehicles for the future

Recognising demand

In our consultation, we will clarify which functions your vehicles and machines need to support.

​Developing control systems

Suitable for your demand, we design the control system and plan the position and function of sensors.

Implementing solutions

We integrate our control system in your commercial vehicles and train your staff in theory and practice.

Experience meets innovation

Our 2013 established company combines long-standing experience in (commercial) vehicle construction with innovative spirit. At wilfatec, we apply all our knowledge gathered from 30 years of commercial vehicle construction and from the latest technological progress for your project.

High reliability

As reliable as your commercial vehicles should be, as dependable are we: Our systems usually run trouble-free. In case problems or malfunctions arise, contrary to our expectations, we are on the spot 365 days a year.